Rhode Island Sea and Air
23 June 2007

The occasion was a graduation party for a nephew. Not expecting the day to be a photography gig, I brought along the equipment anyway. One never knows when an opportunity will present itself. Besides some sailboats on a windy day, the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels put on a show on a nearby military base. They staged their maneuvers overhead. We might have had one of the best seats at the event. Judge for yourself.

The images on this page are low resolution. High resolution shots (8 megapixel) are available. E-mail me. All are copyrighted according to the Creative Commons license described on my main photo page.

The lighthouse at Orient Point, Long Island. It marks the famed and treachorous Plum Gut.
Another shot of the lighthouse.
Here is the Virginia (as indicated by the pennant flown atop her mainmast), a gaff-rigged schooner. She is not flying her topsails because, as you can tell from the white caps, the wind was blowing 15-20 knots or more. The red helicopter hovered around her for more than an hour. Possibly, they were filming her underway.
Sailing vessel Morningstar, sail number 50700, en route to Plum Gut. Notice the staysail, no jib, and a double-reefed mainsail on this cutter. It was a windy day.
Schooner and ferry in Long Island Sound.

Blue Angels

The difficulty of getting these shots is that the danged F/A-18 Hornets would not stay still. Moving at several hundred miles an hour, it was a real challenge to a photographer's panning skills.

Some of the Dlhopolsky's.

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