Beaverkill Flood Damage

31 July 2006

The New York State Beaverkill Conservation Area and campground was the victim of severe flooding this spring. It was closed for the season. My family has been visiting this campground for more than 30 years, starting when some of us were just toddlers. Now many of us have children of our own.

The flooding also cost the life of a young girl in nearby Livingstone Manor.

Here are some shots of the damage at the end of July. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. All of the images are Creative Commons copyrighted (see photo home page) and are available as 8-megapixel jpeg files. Send an e-mail with requests.

Fallen trees along the banks.
Carved out roadway.
More fallen trees.
Still more fallen trees
Buckled roadway.
Remains of a campsite. The bench is elsewhere.
Damage on both sides of the road.
Pump house.
Here are some of the benches. Note the debris on the left sides.
Undermined fireplace.
Saved by the trees. Countless tables must have traveled downstream. Note the debris on the upstream side.
A twisted mess.
Eroded roadway.
This pipe came from a culvert somewhere.
One of the bathrooms. The edge of the roadway in the foreground has a deep gulley.
A water spigot and fountain withstood the onslaught.
Anyone familiar with Beaverkill knows of the lush vegetation that grows there. In the previous pictures, much of that has been stripped to bare rock. But there is some hope. These were growing on the side of the road.
And the river is still there, flowing as amiably as it does in the summer time.
And so is the bridge. Rumor had it that at the height of the flooding, the water licked at the bottom of the covered bridge. Yet from this angle, nothing seems much changed.
The sign at the entry to the day use area. The rangers erased the sign each morning, only to have well-wishers leave their mark by the end of the day.

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