First Greeting. Coming up the hill and down into the valley from Livingston Manor, the first sign that you've arrived (after a sometimes long, hot drive up Route 17) is this sign, and the legendary bridge..
Beaverkill Covered Bridge. Here's another view of the bridge. This image is available as wallpaper for your PC.
The Beaverkill. World famous for trout fishing, this is a view upstream right after crossing the bridge.
Famous for trout fishing. This is a view of the Beaverkill downstream of the bridge and just about at the beginning of the camping areas on both sides.
Turk's Cap Lilies. There are two paths to the camping area - one by foot, one by car. If you walk and you keep your eyes open, all kinds of wildflowers will greet you. These beauties looked like brown leaves hanging from a tree until they caught my attention and compelled me for a closer look. They are one of the few wild lilies growing in the Catskills.
Wild Daisies. I'm not sure what these are.
Yellow Wildflower. Another one for which I don't have the ID.
Sunset in the Catskills.
Around the Campfire.
Another view of the bridge. This one was taken looking upstream in early morning light.
Catbird. Not a great shot, as it was pretty far away. But if you look closely, you can see a green caterpillar in its mouth. Those caterpillars that don't get eaten by the birds can grow up to be what you see in the next two frames.


Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. fWith a profusion of wildflowers, you'd expect to see other critters enjoying them.

Another butterfly.
Salamander. It rained overnight, which brought out the salamanders. This one cooperated while I ran back to my campsite for the camera. Another one of those occasions when you forget the camera and a photo oportunity presents itself.
I took many family shots.
However, they're not here because I do not put photos of this type on a public web page without permission.

The background image for this page was taken from a shot of some water plants growing on the side of the path.

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